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  • There is always a better way to do things. Xitavo® soybean seed is offering 11 new soybean products for the 2024 planting season. With these additions, the Xitavo seed portfolio now includes a total of 44 products covering relative maturities of 0.1 to 4.8. That's seed done right.

    Xitavo soybean seed includes the Enlist E3® triple-stack herbicide tolerant trait. Enlist E3 soybeans provide tolerance to glyphosate, Liberty® herbicide, and the new 2,4-D choline salt. With the ability to use glyphosate, Liberty® herbicide, and the new 2,4-D choline salt, soybean farmers can employ multiple modes of action against their most difficult weeds.

    • Triple-stacked Enlist E3 technology for weed control flexibility.
    • The most complete soybean crop protection portfolio from planting to harvest.
    • Quality testing exceeding industry standards for strong emergence and early-season vigor.
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